Parking Sensing

Here is a live prototype of the solution. To the left is the receiver that will be connected on the main gate. To the right is the wireless strip, that requires no changes to the infrastructure and that will be deployed in the parking lot.

The problem: In a world where fuel is scarce, most of us spend about 1 litre per week on just finding parking.

"S-Oil estimates that the average driver in South Korean capital Seoul drives for a full half-kilometer each day looking for a space. Over a month, that's 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) per car, used for nothing more than parking--and that can mean a whole liter of gas wasted."

The concept: The aim of this project is to solve the parking hunting problem. I strongly believe that by installing cheap wireless embedded systems (less than $3 per parking) on all parkings, we can save not only fuel (6 gallons per parking lot of 700 cars) but also a lot of time. Shown below is a mock-up followed by a live demo of a miniature version of this system in action.

Wireless Strip Transmitter (Parking Lot)  &  Wireless Receiver (Main Entrance)

The solution:

Video of an earlier version of the prototype. Completely wireless!